Covid-19 is the New Normal

Covid-19 has been the song we have been singing since the beginning of the 2020 global pandemic, if you are reading this blog now, it means we have both been through a lot, from the lockdown to the uprising of Corona Virus, to the travel ban and all sorts of outburst in 2020, whilst we celebrate this moment of freedom - the free movement and all that, let's bear a bitter truth in mind, the virus that brought about COVID-19 is still out there and we should all know Covid-19 is the new normal, despite we being so free and running.

We do remember that at the early rising of the COVID-19 outbreak, the mandate everywhere was for dwellers to stay safe at home, these safety measures are taken by constituted authorities for a purpose far driven from sustenance, but then the internet keeps us connected than ever and superseded human physical interactions, transactions, and relations.

So far I could tell, technology has been embraced to the peak as big companies around the globe encourage their full-time staff to stay at home while some adopted a voluntarily switch in between working remotely or working in the physical hemisphere of their respective workspaces, some major startups won't be accommodating staff in a physical workspace, at least it would safe the cost of asset acquisition, that's how technology has shaped our state of living, without much ado we still have to be alerted that the Virus is much around and every preventive measure should be taken seriously as afore and ever.

What You Need To Know About Corona Virus?

While you stay at home or you continue with your daily activities elsewhere other than home, these are the safety measures expected of you as a responsible dweller in this world to take, it is pertinent we take hand and respiratory hygiene very serious as ever- to respond to the effect of COVID-19 being the new normal, these are necessary precautions that are expected of every individual to take:

1) Wash your hand regularly with soap and water accompanied by an alcohol-based sanitizer.

2) Ensure social distancing of at least 1.5 meters equivalent to 5 feet in cases of coughing or sneezing from the nearest human in contact.

3) Self-quarantine yourself in case persistent cough or sneezing occurs.

4) Cover your nose with a handkerchief or tissue when you cough or sneeze - a nose mask is most preferable.

5) Reach out to the nearest health center when you are feeling unwell.

Beloved Adejuyigbe is a Tech innovator, Content Creator, Information Marketer, Social Media Leader, Digital Skill Trainer, and a Cyber Security Enthusiast, he is a vast component in this industry and he doesn't settle for less with his distinct and instinctive institution, he is resolute of deep technology and presently the Chief Executive Officer of BUGFIX TECHNOLOGIESYou can follow him on his Social Media pages @beladactions


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